As the years go by I have gotten asked a few of photography related questions from some amazing photographer fans. I am by no means the "pro" of all pros, but am happy to help out when I can, for those just starting out OR just super BIG "pkp" Fans .....

1. When did you start your business? 

I took my first paying client May 30, 2011. I started out offering a "Portfolio Building" Discount for a few months and changed my pricing to the "professional" local area . This was a great way to introduce myself to the area, then also show my local competition that I respected the market.

2. What's in your BAG? What Bag do you use?
  • Canon 5D Mark III 
  • 50mm 1.2L
  • 24mm 1.4L
  • 35mm 1.4L
  • 85mm 1.2L
  • 8-15mm Fisheye 1.4L
I have two favorite Camera Bags. A lime green one from Cheeky Lime & a Pink Purse like bag from Kelly Moore. Both are great and hold up super well. 

3. How do you have such clean and sharp images?

When starting to learn my camera I jumped head first into Manual Mode. I honestly had no clue about post processing (editing). My very first edit of my son was scary (he was so yellow). From then on, my goal was to get the best SOOC (straight out of camera) images I could. Even though I know my editing programs now, I still do very minor tweaks to my final images. I have been shooting in JPEG for years (shocker I know). Just recently I switched over to RAW (which I love).

4. Where did you get your Carousel Horse?

This has prob. been my MOST popular question !!! I stumbled across Pink Richard (yes, that's his name) on Craig's List. He was completely stripped of paint, dirty, and had no stand. My husband custom created a stand to support small children and I painted it. The project was very time intensive and so worth it. It's been a joy having my own original horse. This project's estimated cost was about $400. Take a peek ---> HERE.

5. Where do you get all your props?

Most of my props smaller props are from various local antique and craft stores. Some of my larger more "unique" props were made by my husband and painted by myself. I didnt know I had such a crafty man on my hands. It's been so fun to create PKP Original Props together. Mr. PKP has created a Carousel Horse, Gypsy Wagon, Outdoor Studio, Circus Wagon, Camper, and smaller tables/stands.

6. Do you mentor?

At this time I do not. It's been an honor being asked so early in my career, however I feel like I'm still learning myself :) I have offered a "Shoot Out" type of workshop before which was super fun and I may do it again in the future !!!!

*** Will add to this as I receive more.

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  1. The camper!!! Lol, I was wondering about that! It's hard to tell if it truly is a vintage camper or just an awesome homemade set! <3 it!