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In the past 4 years you all have blessed me with busy-ness, which I am beyond grateful for ... however that leaves my own family moments, in lots of folders in need of editing. That is why I love JANUARY. Its when most of us photographers can catch up on our business plans and personal stuff. Right after Christmas we escaped to the "BIG CITY". My son has NEVER seen a big city. His Dream was to go NYC. I forget that since he was born all he really knows is a small military town. He took it all in. I snapped every shot I could of what he would point out. I wanted this to be about him and what he loved about this amazing place. I visited NYC when I was his age with my dad and I still remember that day. I hope he always remembers this too. If i could guess what was his favorite thing it would be the SUBWAY. lol. Boys. He also didnt really have a moment where a pretzel, hot dog, or NYC Pepsi was in his hand. Take a peek at Ryan's BIG City Adventure. 

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