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Imagination Sessions .... I talk about them all the time and they are the heart and soul of Patty K Photography. After digging down deep I really want these sessions to be for ALL CHILDREN. Your thinking ... Well what does that mean ??

10 years ago I became a mom to one of the most happiest kids I have ever met. Joy shines through his eyes. Most do not know this but my son Ryan was diagnosed this past year with "Autism". So many do not really understand what "children with disabilities" actually means. Ryan is caring, smart, thoughtful ... but thinks and reacts to situations differently then a "Nero-typical Child" may. An that is OKAY !!! So many kids/adults with special needs can make an amazing impact on this world today if given a chance to SHINE.

So when I say I want "ALL CHILDREN" to be-able to take part in Imagination Sessions ... I mean ALL CHILDREN. I want to break the barrier of the "stereo type" and give every child with special needs or not the chance to be IMPORTANT for the day. After talking to so many parents who have children with a variety of different needs/diagnoses the one thing they had in common was the same reasoning about "photo sessions". 

"You see your friends getting these amazing sessions done all over social media, an you are afraid to make such a huge investment when your not sure if your child will have a good day that day or if the photographer understands".

It broke my heart to hear that and I want this session to be FOR ALL CHILDREN. So how will Imagination Sessions fit "ALL" children? There not changing, they are becoming more UNDERSTANDING. If you child has any sort of disability when booking, a special contract will be filled out. We will do a consult (like I do on all Imagination Sessions) on what your child likes and dislikes are, direction for kiddos will be given slower with more session time if needed, a location with not a lot of sensory overload will be recommended so your child can be comfortable, last if your child is not having a good day ... the session will be REDONE. It's that simple.


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