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Truth be told during busy season "most" photographers have a serious problem getting their camera out for there own memories. I am beyond burnt out. I just want to spend time with my family and leave that heavy dslr (that i love) at home. lol. I honestly cant remember when I have edited a whole family event of my own (last Christmas is still on the list). This morning (since I have the weekend off) ... I told myself I'm editing these pictures from last weekend. I am so glad I did and Im glad I have memories from this event. Our family met up with another family (they use to be clients but have become wonderful friends ... love how that happens) at "Lantern Fest". I got tickets a few months prior. I wasn't sure what to expect, but we ventured. It's not often we go to a BIG event and can say it was relaxing, but it truly was. Everyone hung out with there families on blankets and enjoyed music/food, decorated our lanterns with hopes, wishes, or dedications (ours was dedicated to my husband's brother who passed away in July) ... then waited until the skies turned black ... most amazing site ever .... take a peek.

 photo LF1.jpg  photo LF2.jpg  photo L4.jpg

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