Now & Again | NASA take two | Central Florida Child Photographer

As summer comes to an end you look back at the memories and then prep for FALL. Our summer plans didn't go exactly how we expected but has still been memorable. At the beginning of the summer I asked the kiddo if he wanted to go Disney. I think I fell off my chair when he said he would rather visit "Nasa" again instead. Last year was his BIG trip to Kennedy Space Center for the first time. If your just meeting my son Ryan, he has been flight OBSESSED for YEARS (just like his father & grandpa). The past 3 years it has escalated to everything space. He is now positive he will work for NASA one day. I hope he keeps his goals and dreams my imaginative future space man. This trip was extra special because he got to explore KSC with his father .... take a peek at one of our PKP Summer Memories this 2015 .... and if you want to see my cutie pies very FIRST visit (in his spaceman suit too) take a peek HERE. 

   photo S1_1.jpg  photo S2_1.jpg

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