Gypsy Dream | Imagination Dream Session | Raeford, NC Photographer

Blogging has been put on the back burner these past few months. Now I'm overwhelmed with the amount of awesome sessions needed to be seen !!! I figured I would start with my 4th Anniversary PKP Dream IMAGINATION Session. Last year I challenged myself to do an amazing "prop intensive" session with more than one child. I really feel like these challenges have opened up the confidence and possibilities for my imagination as a photographer. After my BIG "Circus" Debut, I went right away into planning my next BIG Session. I had so much fun planning this "Gypsy Dream". These colors are not something I would normally decorate my home with so buying and making props for this was so much fun. My amazing husband made the Gypsy Wagon and the rest of the props were from local antique/craft stores. 

 Let Imagination lead the way ...... 

 photo G1.jpg  photo G2.jpg  
sometimes magic can happen in the middle of nowhere ....

  photo G3.jpg

*BIG Thank you to all the wonderful models/moms, my assistant who helps above and beyond to make these things happen with me, and last my good friend/hair stylist for pampering these great girls. Purple Dresses (tutu du monde) were rented from The Borrowed Boutique.



  1. Have you considered outsourcing it to an individual? I am blogging for another photographer, maybe you could find a photographer that is also a student who would enjoy the chance!

    1. Thank you Madison. I have thought about it. I really enjoy blogging myself (just need better time management). lol. However, I might outsource if I continue to get to busy.

  2. Very nice...I would love to meet you- Stephanie Booth Photography

  3. They look like fairies!!!! LOVE your work