Summer Friends | Now & Again | Raeford, NC Child Photographer

Its been awhile since I actually posted a personal blog post. These days I have been blessed with a ton of work, which has been amazing, but my camera hasnt really seen my own memories. This week marks the official week of Summer Break for us. We had an amazing school year, but so ready for the time off. Last weekend, I happen to stumble upon this amazing location. I wanted to try it out before my big family session this coming weekend. As always, I like to drag my other photographer friend with me and her girls. My son adores her girls. They are such good ... sweet friends. Its kinda ironic how many pictures they have together doing some crazy things. I hope they always remember these summer evenings where there crazy mothers took them out to a field and made them run with a blanket then look at pretend fireflies ....  

 photo 1s.jpg  photo 2s.jpg
"May you touch fireflies and stars, dance with fairies, and talk with the moon"

   photo s3_1.jpg

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