Woodland Fairy | Imagination Session | Fayetteville, NC Child Photographer

I happen to come across this spot while shooting another session ... when I saw it I knew right away a "Fairy Session" had to happen !!! As one of my friends always says "does your mind ever stop" ... no it does not. lol. In less then a week I made my first ever pair of fairy wings, had a gorgeous dress rented an pretty much shipped over night (thank you Emma), and had found the PERFECT fairy ....

As we arrived to the location that next weekend to our surprise the weeks worth of rain had created MUD. It was like quick sand everywhere. Thank goodness for mom and dad because our fairy could not really move without slipping or sinking. This is where that MAGIC part comes into play .... you would never know in these pictures that the mud was dreadful and spiders were everywhere. Sweet Bella was such a great model !!! Take a peek !!!

 photo fairy 1.jpg  photo fairy 2.jpg  photo sdfsdf_1.jpg

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