Circus Minis | Imagination Session | Madison & Ryan | Raeford, NC Child Photographer

Last year I did a giant Circus Session. It was a dream of mine to create a large scale set up with tons of detail. As I was looking at my left over Circus Props and my amazing outdoor studio in my backyard ... I realized I could make it a stage where the Circus could come alive again. This is the first year I have offered "CIRCUS MINIS" and they were amazing. One of the most successful Imagination Mini Sessions I have offered. I CANNOT WAIT to offer it again. Every child I photographed that weekend had so much fun. They truly got into there part and enjoyed acting for one day. Im starting Circus blog posts with Madison and it happens to feature my awesome kiddo too. Madison is one of my son's classmates. Her mom thought it would be so fun if Ryan could be in a few images during her mini session. I'm glad she asked because they had so much fun (and truly got into the circus performing roles) !!!

Let the SHOW begin ......  

 photo bev1.jpg
"Life is the most spectacular show on EARTH" - Water for Elephants  

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