World at your Finger Tips | Imagination Session | Raeford, NC Child Photographer

Coming up with my son's Imagination Session for turning 9 was a tad harder this year. He's getting older and doesnt like to always wear a cape in public (and that's okay) just shows how much he is growing up. He has come a long way since he was five and dreamed of living in his very own Balloon House (from Disney's Up). His love for aviation and exploration has grown ....

I started Imagination Sessions for HIM. After seeing how amazing they are and as a mom being able to remember his loves for all these great things, I wanted to share that for my clients. Parents should have these memories. After a lot of thinking I decided to re-brand this session this past year. Explore Wonders had been my saying for this amazing experience I offer and I wanted it to be just that. It's about HIM and MY DREAM to create for others. It's about exploring new things and truly letting imagination lead the way ...

Take a peek at my kiddos Imagination Soar !!! You can see his IMAGINATION VIDEO 
right -----> HERE too.  

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