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 Let me tell you about one amazing birth session last July. I met mom "Jessica" like most clients she inquired and we got down to booking a session. Normally I'm able to meet clients ahead of time when they schedule births, however with the crazy birth schedule I had, we were not able to meet until day of delivery. During the months before we became FB friends and I felt like I knew her so well by the time I got to capture this amazing moment. When the delivery day arrived, I walked into the room and was beyond relieved. Jessica and her husband were so relaxed. They already had four kiddos at home so they were official veterans of the mother/baby unit. lol.  This was my first twin birth, so I was nervous and excited. Since mom was delivering them naturally she had to deliver in the OR which I was not allowed to be. We begged an pleaded, but it didnt happen. lol. I shot the delivery process until it was time for delivery ... its a very bizarre feeling sitting in an empty delivery room while your clients are elsewhere. lol. I was happy I was able to be there though .... Dad's face when he walked back in with the first kiddo was beyond priceless and Im so glad I captured that for Jessica. 

Meet Avery & Cassie and take a peek at there beautiful Birth Story.

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