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If you followed me for sometime you would know that my kiddo is OBSESSED with anything related to space or flight. As we traveled back home to Florida for another getaway my plan was to take him to Kennedy Space Center. An of course I took his space suit {just in-case} he wanted to wear it. This kid is dedicated because he wore that suit the entire day in 98 degree weather. <---- holding a battery operated fan of course. We explored rockets, angry birds space games, the NASA grounds, and last and most memorable "Atlantis". After a long video the screen turns into a curtain that is pulled up and there it is .... the last shuttle launched in the space program. It was that moment that truly made my heart burst. Looking at my son seeing a shuttle for the first time. He was so excited !!! I hope he always stays this excited about things he LOVES. Take a peek .... P.S. for my camera lovers. I shot this whole day with my Canon mark iii and the fisheye 8-15L. The fisheye truly is my favorite purchase this year. I use it on some amazing magical sessions. 

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"That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind" - neil armstrong 
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