Pirates in a TUB | Imagination Session | Raeford, NC Child Photographer

Awhile back a awesome momma with six kiddos ... yes I said six ... came to me wanting to do an imagination session with them all. She wanted each theme to do just what "Imagination Sessions" do .... tell a story about that moment and that age. We had a fun tea party with sisters, a special session with her oldest daughter Mazie (as you may of saw), and now it was on to the little boys .... 

Meet Korbin, Truitt, and Nolan.

Mom loved the summer minis claw foot tub and with the boys being young and loving so much of life we decided to have a fun summer mini session with these three. Pirates was actually a theme we thought of the DAY OF. crazy I know. however I know the boys LOVED it and we had so much fun creating that for them. Take a peek.

 photo PIRATE1.jpg  
   photo PIRATE2.jpg

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