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I’m way behind on sharing my trip of a lifetime …. however clients come first. Day two in Paris we had a late start. Totally overslept, but made out lucky still not many lines. This week of march was truly a perfect time to visit. We explored the Musee d Orsay Museum ... I saw my first in person Monet ... A good handful of them. I got teary and composed myself quick because there were a lot of people around. Lol. Of course Murphy’s Law visited me way across to Europe because they no longer allow photos in the museum. WHAT !?!


After that we headed to the Musee de l Orange .... They hold the amazing giant Monet Water-Lilly Collection .... I died …. also yet again no pictures. As we passed the guards on the hallway I snapped a pic .... Yikes ... Well the French guard said "next time you decide to steal artwork, silent your shutter". Good point sir.  I explained to him how this is my favorite artist and I was not stealing showed him the pic of the hallway ... I told him just wanted to document I was here. He said he understood, don't do it again and explained why they no longer allow photos. Cameras have gotten so good, that copyright is becoming an issue. It’s so sad that this is such a issue now a days and totally understand. However I PROMISE … this pro is using it for my scrapbook only.  I gave him an American handshake and we moved about our day. Didn't obviously get the pictures I wanted but I have a shot saying I was there and a bunch of Monet goodies from there shop I got sucked into.

On the way walking we enjoyed some crepes on the river seine and locked our love on the love bridge. Side note while dropping a key in make sure a boat is not coming. Ours made it in the water thank goodness. We then took our tourist bus tour. It was two hours and took us all around paris. We enjoyed it and it also gave a us an idea on how to get around, plus gave our “feets” a rest.

We got off where we got on and ate at another take our wallet establishment and enjoyed another amazing meal. Steaks, Champagne martinis, cheese plate the works. Our waitress was awesome and spoke English .... And even told us she loved our accent. She spoke amazing English for the French individual and said she learned it in college. It's crazy to see how our language is just as foreign to them as it is to us. Lol. Over all great dinner. By then it was dark and we stopped at the Notre dame so I could take a night shot. Do it while we can. 

 photo P1.jpg  photo P2.jpg  photo P3.jpg  
Things I've learned and also thought was super neat for day two .... The French may not like us however they like our music. Hence why the black eye peas were playing during a rave workout dance party for half of Paris today. There are not a lot of stray animals walking around ... Those who own dogs have extremely pampered pups. You never know where you will find talented artists .... Like the bag pipe player in the metro or the man who paints amazing watercolor paintings on the side of the road. (Which I purchased). Last without a doubt … the subway in NYC is way cleaner then the metro. Sorry French peeps. Another amazing day to remember. Au revoir for now.  

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