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Finally Sharing ... sigh .... OUR official first day exploring PARIS. Other travel blogs helped me a ton so I figured I would do a "Travel Tip Post" soon. I've only ever traveled here (lol) but I figured it might help someone. 

So after a long flight, we got a nice nights sleep, then got up bright and early to head to Versailles. After doing research, we read that is was very busy and very big. Since Versailles is not located by any other well known attractions we decided to make this "Versailles Day".   

As we headed to the Metro and then the RER Train, I was greeted with a "Bonjour" by a  fruit stand stacking new fruit for the morning. To my surprise Paris was not in full hustle yet. When we got off the train we followed the signs saying Versailles. We figured you prob. could not miss it right? its suppose to be huge. On our way we were starving ... Nothing was open besides good ole mcdonalds. Yup egg mc-muffins are just as tasty in another country. Lol. We were kinda disappointed in ourselves eating there, however we needed some energy before touring this big amazing place.

To my surprise our destination was right around the corner and there were only 5 people in line. We realized we managed to get lost and make it there before it opened. GO US. Versailles was truly amazing. We were able to tour the Palace first, then took there nifty little trolly train (which if you have not been there spend the 6 euro, this place is huge) to visit the Grand Trianon & Marie Antoinette's Farm Estates. After touring all of the above, when we got back to the palace, we explored the gardens. Even though the gardens were in prep for planting and nothing was in bloom yet ... it was still breath-taking.

Matt and I had an amazing time. We wound up having a lunch way overpriced there but the atmosphere was worth it. Gold china ... A French waitress who spoke English however let us try out our really bad French. We also ran into some American couples who we were happy to see and they were of us and exchanged cameras for pictures because we knew our camera were safe. Lol. As we explored the other places ... We came across a very entertaining French man who had a potato stand. Yes baked potatoes. We had a beef stew potato that was out of this world and had a picnic on the Versailles grounds.

We wound up finishing our tour at 3pm which we were shocked because everyone said it was going to be busy. We then ate again. Lol. Sandwiches on real French bread around the corner ... Yum.  We used up a lot of energy carbs were important. lol. We still cannot believe we made it through that fast with no crowd. To our surprise our whole trip was actually like this. 

Since we had time we headed over to the Notre dame on our way back ... Toured that within 20 min. And then explored some side streets of paris. We also popped in the Shakespeare co. Book store. <----- That will be part two or Day One. Enjoy the many pictures ..... 

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  1. One word ... AMAZING!!! So glad to see you in some pictures :-) Can't wait to see more :-)

  2. I recognize Versaille, gorgeous isn't it!

  3. I'm in France (not for a long time) and I never been in Versailles! Beautiful pictures!