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Summer has begun and child entertainment is in full speed in the patty k household.
Today my kiddo said he wanted to be a pirate. He asked if there was a way for us to build a boat .... sad that we had a box | big dowel rod | a blow up pirate boat wheel | rope | and all the necessary pirate goodies !!! lol. I go shopping in my house. 

He had a blast today stealing treasure and anchoring away his ship. The imagination of child is amazing !!! Take a peek and read below for YOUR CHALLENGE !!!

 photo 1212121.jpg  photo 11111.jpg  
*I want to do a fun summer challenge for those who love capturing memories of there kiddos. 3 months | 3 posts | 3 amazing summer memories. If you would like to tag along and share your memories. You can post your blog post on my FB page or comment on this blog and I will add you to the list . The list will be edited under this section. JULY will be posted by the 10th.


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