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I have launched this before in the last two years .... so what makes it different now? Its even more AMAZING & more Organized !!! 

What is an Imagination Session?  When I first started PKP my son was young, getting him to sit and smile while I practiced and built my portfolio was pretty much the most unpleasant experience. <---- another big reason those with toddlers dread picture day. Finally .... for his 5th birthday I decided lets just HAVE FUN. I wanted to capture him ... in his element .... what he was into at that time. During that time in his life he was obsessed with flight and the Disney Movie UP.  The creation began | the set up was created | Memories were captured !!! Till this day he still talks about this session. You can see a little snip it HERE. Imagination Sessions were born ....

This session is about MAGIC & IMAGINATION. As a parent you get to keep a piece of what they loved at that special age. An age when it was okay to wear fairy wings to the food store or fall asleep in a fort made of blankets you made which really was a castle. Memories are fun to remember .... lets have fun making them !! 

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Contact me today for a pricing packet and special packages for your childs next session. Clients typically spend $300+ for this unique session.

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