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As I browsing Facebook today I saw another photographer post her awesome planner. It was a great planner for us Creative Entrepreneurs to keep track of our online postings | clients | appointments | ect. Everyone loved it including myself .... she then posted the link and though it was a beautiful well organized MUST HAVE ... it was way out of my budget. I didn't want to spend so much on something I would eventually throw away at the end of the year. So what's a really bad time-management person to do ??? She makes her own.

   photo BB2PKP.jpg

I dug out this cute binder that I got from Office Max. Its elastic band keeps everything together which is perfect. 

Inside there are some clear divers ... my own planner pages I created in Photoshop ... and also pocket pages (to keep lose things I need but havent filed yet). I keep my clients contacts | receipts | orders in plastic sheet protectors to keep everything together.

Though my planner isnt as fancy, it works perfect. 
Do you like this idea? Cool. 
 Im glad I could help. You can get your own planner pages right -------- > HERE.

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