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Part two of the amazing birth & simple48 session of the "W" Family. These moments are my absolute favorites. There's no posing, staging, or planning to make this moment perfect .... it already is. 

Take a peek at the Simple48 session !!! If you missed part ONE ... look right 
---------> HERE.

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Had to share some amazing words from Mrs. W, that pretty much put me in tears today:

"My husband and I are very blessed and thankful to have Patty do our birth and Simple48 hospital photos of our third child. She was very intuitive during my drug-free labor and knew when to step behind the curtain, step out of the room, or help my husband and I with water or untangling myself from cords. Pictures are very important to me and I knew I wanted quality images of our son coming into the world. I left photographing my other children's births to my husband which didn't go so well. His attention was spread between me, the baby, and the camera which was stressful for him and took away from him being able to fully enjoy the moment. It also took him away from my side when I needed him. Having Patty photograph the birth allowed him to be my 100% support system without having anything else to think about other than each other. It also took a load off my shoulders to have Patty come back the following day to capture the older children meeting the baby for the first time. Not having to worry about taking those images myself allowed me to focus on their expressions and soak it all in. Now I find myself watching the beautiful slideshow Patty made of the combined images and getting to relive those precious moments. I highly recommend hiring Patty as your birth photographer and having her come back and photograph the next day. It was a wonderful experience".

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