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My kiddo COULD NOT wait to give these valentines to his friends today. I really wanted to do a pinterest idea this year. I pinned this bug idea last year and never got around to it. I pin and pin .... and then pin some more and never create the ideas. lol. NEW GOAL {make what I pin}.

These VDAY Cards took minutes (and Im not joking) they really didnt take long. The free printable LOVE BUG template download is right here on the [dandee] BLOG. Its a PDF that comes with four on a page. I got the bugs from WALMART for only 2.50 in the party section. 1 pack was just enough. I wound up hot gluing the bugs to the paper becuase they wouldnt stay. I only put a dab of glue and parents should be able to peel the glue off for there kiddo to play with the bug. All in all it was a successful project & my kiddo could not wait to get to school. He showed off his mailbox this morning and told his teacher that she was his valentine {while giving her a glittery heart}. lol. 


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