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Tis' the Season for crafting !!! Why not make a special treat for your kiddos this weekend. I originally saw these adorable milk snowman jugs on Pottery Barn kids. I thought I have to make them !!! EEEKKK. Then I saw them on pinterest and it reminded me again how much I wanted to make them. All you need is a couple supplies and you on your way to making some cute snowman milk jugs your kiddo or yourself will love.

- Milk Jugs (Check out the antique store or TREAT yourself to some starbucks mocha yummyness in the milk Isle !!! 
Way cheaper and you get 4 glass jugs).
- Glue Dots
-Felt (I cut one strip out of a rectangle felt peice you get at any crafting store).
-Paper Straws

*Fill with milk, buttermilk, or egg nog and enjoy a yummy drink is a cute snowman !!!

Happy Creating !!!


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