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That crazy elf ... (or "creepy elf" as per my husband). You see him everywhere !!! Even at TARGET (which they prob. should not be so open about, because the kiddos may catch on and wonder why you can buy an elf where you get popcorn .... then questions start on why the ELF is not at the north pole). just saying. This year my son has been super into it ... last year not so much. I had to blow the dust off the elf and the shelf he was on !!! HOWEVER, this year totally diggin' the elf. His name is Tibby (Ryan named him). Though I find it very creative that others may have a naughty elf, I prefer to have a nice elf. The whole purpose is to have your kid behave right !?! So why is he drawing on pictures and making a mess in kitchens ??? This year I got these very cute notes from an adorable shop on ETSY. Comes with 20 or so notes, with good clean fun activities and scavenger hunts. The other day my kid hunted for candy canes around the house. He had a Blast !!! You can get those printable notes HERE.  

Take a peek at TIBBY and a few places he has been in the PATTY K household !!! 

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  1. Awesome pictures! I like those tags too! I wanted to do the Elf on the Shelf this year, but we were out of the state for the first week of December and then life took over. I hope to try it next year. :)