Now & Again | Holiday at the SEA | Fayetteville, NC Lifestyle Photographer

This one day I was a tourist .... lol. Over Thanksgiving Break we took Ryan to Sea World. Orlando, FL is our hometown; I think this is about the 500th time I have been to this park (HOWEVER .... never during the holidays). It was so fun bringing our son to places like this, now that hes older. His reactions to everything are always so exciting and priceless. Every twist and turn there was something new to explore. 

-a trip on the polar express
-a run in with santa
-a lazy polar bear
-snow in the sunshine state
-a shamu christmas miricle 

..... at the end of the night as we walked back to our truck and Ryan was toting his new orca stuffed animal .... he looked up and said:

"that was kinda awesome .... thank you momma". Deff. worth it. 


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