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My son has always been a late bloomer. Dirt and being a gross boy hasn't really started until now. lol. The day he entered first grade things changed. Ryan is starting to grow up. Baby Boy has officially left the building !!! You say "Dinner Time" he hates dinner and wants breakfast. You say "Breakfast Time" he proceeds with "I don't like breakfast, I want dinner". Currently its Cereal for breakfast and Grilled Cheese for breakfast. The life of an "ALMOST 7" year old !!! Fall is in the air and last week we decided to stop by a pumpkin patch by the house. It was a nice cloudy day, I wanted to practice some more with my awesome new Mark III,  and Ryan has been bugging us about pumpkins since they came out. Lets just say .... remember how it was so cute to take your little kiddo to the patch ... get some cute snap shots and be on your merry pumpkin way? I was in for a surprise ....

My son was tornado. LOL. I can't even count how many times Dad Patty K had to say "Ryan, we don't throw the pumpkins" or my favorite "Ryan, lets not roll the pumpkins into the highway". lol. Writing this just makes me laugh, so I had to share this as one of my first FALL "Now & Again Moments".

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