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It's getting spooky here at the patty k household. I am by no means a professional decorator (I just love to decorate). It's fun. This Halloween I was really into crows. So much that I pretty much bought the whole bin at micheals craft store. lol. Some of these ideas I got off pinterest and worked my magic to fit in my own household. Hope it gives you some ideas for your own digs.

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A little bit about what I did, used, and got stuff. If you have any questions please let me know.

From the top:

-Pumpkins, Crows, Gauze Fabric: Micheals Craft Store
-Table Branches: Glitter Branch with Big spider (Pier One) Big Black branches I got from a wooded location and my husband spray painted them for me.
-Halloween Burlap Banner: Pottery Barn
-Birdcage: I got this from an antique store for about $12 and my husband spray painted it black for me. (hes awesome at spray painting). 
-Black Cookie Stand (target): I use this for our fruits and veggies. I lined the bottom of the tiers with burlap and used two kinds of moss to create a cute decoration on the counter. Black Glitter pumpkin (pier one).
-Black Candle Sticks: Another kitchen reuse item. I normally have blue candle where the pumpkin is. I kept the white candles and added a spider with some double side tape. 

Bottom: Living Room Accent Table

-I used an old antique window (found at an antique store) I added spider webbing around that and the pictures. 
-Table Runner: Kolhs
-Hanted House & Trees: Marshalls
-Cut Out Crows: Martha Stewart

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  1. Very cute and crafty!!! I love all of it!!!