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Quick Update: I had to push back a couple of sessions to take a break and deal with some family stuff. However with the break I have really been able to put some things in focus. I think sometimes you forget whats important and what is not. On the business front, June is fast approaching, June is huge for me. I have officially been in business for one year. I can't believe its already been a year. It's amazing how much I have improved since when I started. I'm looking forward to another year of meeting wonderful people and improving in this craft. 

June 1st I will be back in action {new sessions and giveaways/specials all month}. Make sure you check my Patty K Photography FB Page for all the new happenings. 

Hope everyone has a wonderful week ..... here's a little peek on something I have been working on 
{another When I Grow Up Session in the making}. <---- Book Yours today !!!

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