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There wasn't anything super special about this day, just a normal weekend hanging out doing the things needing to be done. Ryan was sneakin' his third yoohoo and I just had to snap a picture. I don't know what it was about this day but I couldn't believe how much my son has turned into a little boy. Kindergarten is almost over and he has just blossomed since he started. Sometimes its hard to remember the little things ... like when I thought he would be in diapers until he was 18 because he no interest in visiting the potty or his obsession with the vacuum when he was two. I dont want to forget these things {insert sad face here}. 

So I wont forget this moment ..... 

Ryan (age six) two weeks before you become a 1st grader :

- loves yoohoo
- starting to like the HULK (aka: green monster)
- hot wheels are cool
- disney junior channel is your favorite
- you like to do things "all by yourself"


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  1. :) Glad he is not in diapers anymore, lol. Before you know it he will be vacuming for you!- Kristin