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My Now & Again this week is a little Animal Awareness. It’s that time a year again and for my family we bring awareness to those who may be unaware of danger to these poor animals. For Years the Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans goes out every March and kills baby seals about 3 weeks old for their fur. Since the global climate change, seals have been having a difficult time adjusting in their environment, which means less babies have been slaughtered by human hands. But this is still an issue. March 22nd the seal hunt began and 1724 seals had been reported killed on the first day. Take a Stand.
*Side Note: My kiddo is six years old {he understands that these baby seals get hurt but has not seen videos, ect}. For more information on how to help these animals please check out IFAW, PETA2, & the Humane Society of the United States.

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  1. Here here!! I've been signing petitions and writing to the Canadian Prime Minister for years on this issue! When will this gruesome practice be banned for good! So happy to see you spread the word! And what a great way to do so with those precious photos of Ryan and his seal pup!