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I think one of the common questions I might get is “Why do I not get anything with my session/creative fee?” My typical response is: My creative Fee covers my time and creativity for your session. I’m starting to notice that doesn’t help every potential client in understanding what’s so awesome about custom portraiture, compared to standard commercial studio portraits.
Let’s discuss the difference first. At a standard commercial studio portrait place you go in tell the associate what you want the pictures for, sit in a room, standard poses, done in 20 min. and you may have the pictures that day. You then sometimes go home happy. A couple weeks later you receive prints you may have ordered in a standard envelope.

Okay you ask what’s wrong with that? Absolutely nothing, some people are happy with that and that’s wonderful.
What is so great about Custom Portraiture? Lets walk through a Custom Simple Session that I would offer for a client at Patty K Photography.
Generally when someone is interested in having a session done they let me know what type of session they want. One example would be a  child’s first birthday. I will normally email back within 24 hours introducing myself and send a price list. If the Potential Client is still interested, we sort out a couple particulars with payment and dates.
Here’s the fun part !!!!  From start to finish I am there with any questions, helpful tips, ECT. This isn’t just a snap shot with a "cheese" smile. It’s a memory documented. I generally like to do an over-the-phone consultation or email. We discuss props, locations, outfit decisions, questions or concerns.
Potential clients with younger children typically are very nervous with custom photography. This is always shocking to me because I would be more nervous with standard commercial studio portraits. You stick a small child in a room with a bunch of studio equipment and expect them to “act natural”. I would probably be intimidated too.
When doing a session with a family or child, I try to get to know who I’m working with before sticking a camera in their face right away. Yes sometimes typical poses are done, but I tend to shoot when you’re not looking or interacting with your family. 90% of the time those are family’s favorite pictures.

Now that I keep babbling …. You didn’t explain what I get in a Custom Portraiture Session besides my photos taken. Besides the awesome customer service from start to finish, there’s my Talent. {I know tooting my horn much}. I do not just take the picture and burn it on a disk. With many hours and years of schooling, I go through and edit every shot. That pimple you may have had on your forehead that day {is gone once you see the finished photograph}. Have you actually seen a before and after of a Custom Portrait Photograph?
 Check this Out !!!
Amazing Right !?!
Besides photographing and editing, I try to make you and your family feel comfortable and have a memorable experience. I try to photograph who you are in this moment in time, not just your smile.
If I do a session and then order prints what happens? I generally walk with you every step of the way during this process. You want a custom collage with a quote from your favorite movie; I will make that for you. Possibilities are endless. Once the products arrive and your experience is complete you will receive your things in a box with a pretty bow, NOT an envelope.

I came across your blog post but I’m not in your area, I don’t know where to go. Where should I look? I say ask your friends, check a list on "PPA" for rep. photographers, even browse the web. Just remember often times you may get what you pay for. Look at their portfolio, if you see many photographs that are not your favorite, you should probably look somewhere else. A portfolio says a lot about a photographer. Their editing style and the type of pictures they take. If its lifestyle or standard portraits. Every photographer has their own way of doing things. Check their reviews see what the clients had to say. In the end I’m sure you will be satisfied and will never go back to doing standard commercial studio portraits again.

I hope this helped you understand and  decide on what route to go for your next family memory. I honestly cannot wait to book a session with you.

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