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Patty K Photography is Giving Back. Yesterday was my first day volunteering at the Fort Bragg Animal Facility. It was very hard to not take home each and everyone of them. *sigh*. I hoping that these pictures help these wonderful animals get adopted.

These Animals are available for adoption at the Fort Bragg Animal Control/Adoption Facility. Please keep in mind that this IS NOT a no-kill shelter and these animals will be euthanized if they are not adopted in a certain amount of time. Make a difference today and add an extra family member to your household. We cannot save them all but we can try.

*Contact the Fort Bragg Shelter at 910. 396. 6018

Pet of the Month | Patty K Photography

My name is BOB. I’m a fuzzy big boy living at the Fort Bragg Animal Shelter. I was found in a trap, injured missing my tail. I was diagnosed with FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus) . People get scared when they hear that, but don’t realize I can live a healthy normal life if someone takes care of me. I should be in a home with no cats, or kept in another room away from the other cats in the house. I love friends but would hate for them to catch FIV. I am fun and lovable. Just a min ago I enjoyed some great cat nip {I love that stuff}. The nice people here who have saved me are trying to find a home for me or a no kill shelter who will take me, but it looks as my luck is running out. Please give me a home and I promise I will love you forever.


  1. Oh Patty' Bless your heart! All these guys are so beautiful and deserve loving forever homes! Your photographs will help people see what sweet pets they are! It's awesome when you can find a way to help others and make a difference doing something you love! :)

  2. Patricia, these images melted my heart! I always wanted to do something like this to give back! Congrats! So awesome! :-)