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Patty K Photography is Giving Back. As a photographer there were dozens of organizations I could have applied too, but my heart will always lead me to animals. They have no voice and only people can stick up for them. I am so excited to finally be a part of HeARTs Speak. What is that you may ask?? Hearts Speak connects Rescues/Shelters with artists with the intention of breaking down the myth that animals from Rescues and Shelters are inferior in some way. Professional Photographs greatly improve adopt ability and ultimately will increase the number of animals adopted and reduce the number of animals adopted. It’s sad that people have to see a better photograph to consider an animal for adoption, but it’s amazing how many photographers have helped animals. So I hope to do just that.

All of my animals have been shelter pets ever since I was little. My first cat was a kitten and when we went back to the shelter to get her a friend my mother fell in love with this 1 year old cat we named Samantha. On her cage was note saying that she was to be euthanized within 5 days. She became a member of our family. Those two cats are now in heaven, but they lived a long happy healthy life in our home.

Australian law states that animal shelters are only required to keep an animal for 14 days due to lack of funds, on the 15th day, many healthy and homeless animals are euthanized. In some shelters around the United States this is the same occurrence. Wonderful people have opened No Kill shelters for this purpose, but even those are over populated. These animals need homes.

{Pictures by Ruthless Photos, Scratch & Sniff Photography, Fur Butts Photography, & Andrea Carreo} HeARTS Speak.

I’m teaming up with 2 local shelters. One is shelter for adoptions and the other is a sanctuary to build awareness that animals with disabilities can make great pets too.

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  1. This is wonderful Patty! You know I'm a huge animal advocate too!