Some Framing Ideas ....

I love frames. Here are some framing ideas to spice up your walls with your new portrait prints. Don’t keep it simple, give your walls life. Collages are always fun. When I’m starting to make a collage on my wall, I use newspaper and painters tape. It’s the easiest way to see what your masterpiece will look like before you put holes in your wall. Cut the newspaper to the size of frames you want to use and painters tape to hang it up. Another way to spice up some frames is to use patterned mat boards, especially with black & white portraits. I love how the color pops from the wall. Now patterned mat boards can sometimes be pricy, but they don’t have to be. Use scrapbook paper or fabric to cover plain mat boards.  Give your wall some individual personality to represent your family. Not every frame has to have a portrait in it. Add a Letter or Number. Hope these ideas inspire you today.

*All images were found on Pintrest, Pottery Barn, and Design Blogs.

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  1. Cool photo collages! I love Pinterest...didn't know you were on there! :)