Wild & Free | Greensboro, NC Photographer | Patty K Photography

I was so excited to shoot at one of the very first locations I stumbled upon in Greensboro. Since getting out property I havent explored much. This location was a dream. It suddenly turned cold again however amazing Rylee braved the cold and she had as much fun as me I think. 

Circus Sessions | Greensboro, NC Photographer | Patty K Photography

Circus Sessions ARE BACK !!! I wasn't able to do these in 2016 due to the BIG move but now the PKP is ready for an AMAZING CIRCUS SHOW. Now before you think OMGOODNESS .... why is this event so high priced !!! This year I included hair/make AND one child's couture costume with your session !!! Last time clients purchased everything separate (which came to a higher cost) and I wanted to make it SUPER easy for you. This event is like no other and kids get into the part after there pampered and are on stage !!! YOU are not going to want to miss this !!! 

Gypsy Dreams Sessions | Greensboro, NC Photographer | Patty K Photography

You may of remembered this session in 2015 .... YUP its finally here. GYPSY DREAMS. I cannot wait to share this with your awesome girls. This is perfect for ages 5+ to tween !!! Your awesome girls (sisters or friends) will dress up, trade bangles, drink gypsy tea, and dance around in pillows an blankets !! Its going to be SO MAGICAL !!  Take a peek !!! 

Explore Space Sessions | Greensboro, NC Photographer | Patty K Photography

Carousel Horse Sessions are in 2 weeks, but what about those BOYS ?!? I am so excited to offer this fun new Imagination Event. My son has always been a HUGE Space Explorer, so after collecting TONS of props over the year I knew I had to offer this for other "space explorers" TOO !!! I will have TWO awesome Space Suits to pick from, also a Nasa Lab-coat for the Scientists. PLUS a ton of space related props. Check out Parker's fun MISSION !!!  See you this April !!!

Imagination Mini Sessions | Greensboro, NC Photographer | Patty K Photography

It's 2017 and this year PKP is going BIG and offering a Imagination Mini Session EACH MONTH !!!! There's some amazing theme's for Girls & Boys !!! Email PKP at pattyk@pattykphotography.com and reserve your slot today. 
*** Some themes are limited and have very few available slots !!!  

*** $100 deposit due time of booking; remainder is due week of session.




Fish & Slushies | D Family | Greensboro, NC Photographer | Patty K Photography

I think PKP has the winter blues and is ready for warm temps and green grass. lol. So excited to share this fun Family session from 2016. Why did I wait so long to show you all? WELL .... the D Family had a special adoption announcement to make and once it became "OFFICIAL" I could not share until then. 

Full Family Sessions are the best. You get the best of both portrait and lifestyle images, while we do something your family LOVES to do. The D Family likes to take the boys fishing and then as a special treat ... sonic snacks and play ground time. Yup we captured part of their session at Sonics !!! AN WHY NOT !?! Family Memories are amazing NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE. 

Think of something you and your family loves to do? How amazing would it be to have someone capture that moment for you. Take a peek. 

Welcome to NYC | Now & Again | Greensboro, NC Photographer | Patty K Photography

In the past 4 years you all have blessed me with busy-ness, which I am beyond grateful for ... however that leaves my own family moments, in lots of folders in need of editing. That is why I love JANUARY. Its when most of us photographers can catch up on our business plans and personal stuff. Right after Christmas we escaped to the "BIG CITY". My son has NEVER seen a big city. His Dream was to go NYC. I forget that since he was born all he really knows is a small military town. He took it all in. I snapped every shot I could of what he would point out. I wanted this to be about him and what he loved about this amazing place. I visited NYC when I was his age with my dad and I still remember that day. I hope he always remembers this too. If i could guess what was his favorite thing it would be the SUBWAY. lol. Boys. He also didnt really have a moment where a pretzel, hot dog, or NYC Pepsi was in his hand. Take a peek at Ryan's BIG City Adventure.