Friday, June 26, 2015

I recently got asked once if I photograph families? OF COURSE I DO. Then I realized my blog has been lacking some amazing family sessions from this past year. This year I re-branded family sessions. I wanted them to be just as wonderful as my Imagination Sessions. Let me get to know your family first and come up with a unique concept to make family sessions FUN !!!! I am not a traditional photographer so I why not add a bit of "Exploring Wonder" to all the sessions I offer. The F Family was one of the first family sessions I had on the calender this year. After re-scheduling for rain a ton this spring .... we finally managed to make this happen around May. It was perfect and I know this family truly loved the process and images (at least that's what they said). 

 photo f1_1.jpg  
You can see even more from this families super fun session -------> HERE. 
All PKP Full Family Sessions now include slideshows with video clips. 
Just something a little more special to remember your FAMILY !!!!
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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Its been awhile since I actually posted a personal blog post. These days I have been blessed with a ton of work, which has been amazing, but my camera hasnt really seen my own memories. This week marks the official week of Summer Break for us. We had an amazing school year, but so ready for the time off. Last weekend, I happen to stumble upon this amazing location. I wanted to try it out before my big family session this coming weekend. As always, I like to drag my other photographer friend with me and her girls. My son adores her girls. They are such good ... sweet friends. Its kinda ironic how many pictures they have together doing some crazy things. I hope they always remember these summer evenings where there crazy mothers took them out to a field and made them run with a blanket then look at pretend fireflies ....  

 photo 1s.jpg  photo 2s.jpg
"May you touch fireflies and stars, dance with fairies, and talk with the moon"

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Thursday, June 11, 2015

These two sisters were so FUN to work with. I CANNOT wait to work with them again. The Circus stare downs they gave each other were unbelievably entertaining. They both didnt want the photo shoot to end. The ringmaster position was made for that little lady you see there and she wanted to totally take that amazing headband home so she could wear it to school.

Can't believe the CIRCUS MINIS are officially over. I truly had an amazing time and cannot wait to do them again. Take a peek at the last Circus Blog Post for 2015 !!!!

 photo MD.jpg

I was so excited to meet these two girls. Mom has been a fan for awhile and couldn't wait to get her sweet girls in front my lens. They had so much FUN .... AND didnt want it to end !!! Mom went all out for the Circus and rented from one of my favorite places (The Borrowed Boutique) for the fabulous outfits. Those purples were TO DIE FOR and made this session even more amazing !!!!  

 photo MM.jpg

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

All of the girls really rocked the Circus Minis this year !!!! So amazing and fun !!!! I said this before, but everyone that attended really got into the roles of performing. They forgot this set up was in a backyard and really felt like they were in a circus ..... these sisters got along for one full hour and mom + dad was so thrilled with there images. It's always nice to hear how I really got their kiddos "real smiles" that they see everyday ......

For the sparkles .....

 photo HK.jpg

Every mini session I always get a few new clients. These two were so much fun. I melted when Big Brother showed his sister the ropes around the circus stage. They ended the smiles with a cute card game. Miss Harper was in love with the ticket stand which seemed to be a hit with all my little clients this session. 

Follow the ticket stubs .....

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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

I was so happy to be able to capture this sweet families Simple48 Session of their daughter Lola. We had so much fun during there Urban Maternity Session a few months prior (take a peek at the fun HERE) so its always nice ending our meeting with shots of that sweet baby in there arms. That little lady had a full head of hair and it was is beautiful ....Congrats S Family !!!!!

 photo sinder1.jpg  
more cuteness  ......

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