Friday, August 29, 2014

Simple48 Sessions are on my big list of favorites. Mom's are still glowing and were able to get rest without baby in belly. lol. Dad's are still on cloud 9 and family comes and visits !!! I was thrilled to photograph my friends (also local photographers) birth and was even more excited to see them the next day for there Simple48 Session. Take a peek at the B Families first day with number two.

If you missed the birth story of this sweet girl you can check it out right ---> HERE

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

This is the kiddos last week of SUMMER !!!! Some of the kids in our area have already headed back to school so it deff weird feeling that he is still home. lol. My boy is starting a brand new school this year with a smaller class size. We are both excited to see what the new school year brings. Though we will miss summer dearly ... I think we are ready for FALL. On our last trip back down home to Florida we visited a park that to my surprise has been there forever but I have never visited the entire time I grew up in Winter Park. lol. This mossy oak was amazing and has actually been there since the civil war. OF COURSE I had to snap some pics of my amazing boy in front of this amazing tree. 

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

This precious little lady made her arrival back in May (tad behind on sharing these amazing births I had a chance to be apart of). I met mom through my photography club and I was honored to be the first person she picked to capture this moment. We have become fast friends and her family is amazing to be around. I was able to capture not only the birth of her second child, but the meeting of her first little girl saying Hello to her second (which will be on the BLOG tomorrow). Until then ....

Welcome Sweet Everly Snow.

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Monday, August 25, 2014

Awhile back a awesome momma with six kiddos ... yes I said six ... came to me wanting to do an imagination session with them all. She wanted each theme to do just what "Imagination Sessions" do .... tell a story about that moment and that age. We had a fun tea party with sisters, a special session with her oldest daughter Mazie (as you may of saw), the 3 youngest boys played PIRATES in a bathtub, and now it was time for the oldest son. The leader of the pack while dad's away. 

Meet Pierce. I have never met a more kind and amazing young man at the age of 10. Imagination Sessions are normally based for kiddos 4-8 sometimes I can swing 9 ... however we came up with the perfect idea for this young man that he loved and was unique. 

"It's a BIG world out there ... GO EXPLORE"  

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Friday, August 22, 2014

When I first started this journey of photography I met Katherine of Katherine D Photography. She was the first local I met in the area. As years went by we have become great friends. Consistently bouncing ideas off each other to make our businesses greater. The great thing is we both have completely different specialties we love. We admire each other for that. I have talked her ear off about "Imagination Sessions" since they began ... it was an amazing honor when she asked me to create a magical session for her girls. Her girls love dance and since that is a common theme I wanted to make it as original as I could for these amazing sisters. 

"Let Imagination lead the way" .............

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

It was such a pleasure to meet the awesome parents of this cutie pie !! We got along so great and came up with a fun idea for Emelynn's One Year Session. Her birthday party was a fun color pallet of mint, pink, and some gold. So I went right away working on a fabulous banner for the wooden highchair I have. We also decided to go with a cute pink strawberry cupcake instead of a full cake whit was just as fun for a hot summer evening. 

 photo emelynn.jpg

Thursday, August 7, 2014

My very first imagination session was this theme. It's a movie that my son has grown to love more and more every year. After having an amazing handful of imagination sessions I really wanted to re-master this theme however add a favorite friend of his to the MAGIC. I have gotten so close to this family since I started PKP that it was only perfect that this little lady play the role of "Ellie". These two are four years apart and both have no siblings. They laugh and argue like there related, so naturally "Ellie & Carl" we there we just needed the perfect location ... which was right around the corner from me. Take a peek at an amazing version of "UP" ....

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