L Family | Very Merry Minis | Fayetteville, NC Photographer

We couldnt have Very Merry Minis without a visit to the tree farm. Its a tradition ... an sometimes these kinda of traditions never get old. I have been capturing this family since each of these little ladies were born. It has been a pleasure getting to know them and so glad to call them friends. Can you believe it was almost 80 degrees out when we took these ?!?

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Follow the Marshmallows | E Family | Very Merry Minis | Fayetteville, NC Photographer

So many Very Merry Minis .... love them all. Here's another peek at one of the top secret concepts this year. I had so much fun meeting this new family. Follow the marshmallows ..... pine cones .... and that awesome little dude in a holiday tee-pee (because he is just amazing).  

 photo e.jpg

Holiday Camping | Very Merry Minis | Fayetteville, NC Photographer

Like I said before PKP decided to mix it up for the 4th Edition Very Merry Minis. I'm so glad I did because I feel like the families were able to pick what concept really fit there family. So this guy .... first time I met this amazing dude was for his first birthday images. I have been spoiled that his mother has been coming to me ever since. Take a peek at his first round of holiday pictures (and if your friends with this amazing family and wondering where his little bro is .... he wasn't feeling pictures this time around). Take a peek .....

 photo r1_3.jpg  photo r2_3.jpg

It's Fall Y'all | W Family | Raeford, NC Photographer

Before I explode the blog with everything Christmas from Very Merry Mini Sessions, I had to share the W Family. The last time I saw this great family, this little guy was 3 months old. He has grown so much since then and is on the move now (even with that cute little cast on his leg). After rescheduling about 5 times because of rain we finally were able to make this session happen ... right when the leaves started to touch the ground .... Happy Fall !!! 

 photo w1_1.jpg  photo w2_1.jpg

C Family | Very Merry Minis | Fayetteville, NC Photographer

So many mini sessions from VMM already ... not enough time to blog. lol. You are going to see them ALL this year. I am determined. lol. I had so many new families this year already. It's been so fun getting to know them all. Take a peek at the C Family from round one of VMM !!!! 

 photo c family.jpg  photo c2_2.jpg

Look who's 6 | Imagination Session | Kyla | Greensboro, NC Photographer

Over the years I have gotten to know this little lady pretty well (helps that her mom and I are pretty good friends). Today Kyla turns 6. When I met this little lady she was still in diapers. Getting to know her has seriously rocked my world. She's caring, thoughtful, goofy, and loves to be in the spotlight .... Oh and she also appreciates my love for cats so makes her #1 in my book. This years Birthday Imagination Session was about ADVENTURE and having fun. Her an her father have a fun love for super heroes ... so we decided to stray from the typical princesses this year (still giving her a tutu) but letting her Explore Wonders .... Take a peek. 

*You can check out her Imagination Video HERE.

 photo k1_3.jpg  photo k2_3.jpg

Let the Holiday Magic Begin | Very Merry Minis | Fayetteville, NC Photographer

I cannot WAIT to blog all these Very Merry Mini Session. If you have been on FB, Instagram, and Google + you prob would of seen that the "Fourth Edition Very Merry Minis" is already in full swing. Mini Sessions with families only happen once a year (since most of my special Imagination Minis are kids only). It's so great to meet new families and see some of my returning ones. This year I decided to split of VMM and make a special concept for a handful of people. VMM Clients had options this year, which creatively I LOVE. I really try to be unique and break out of mold of the same thing each year ... the beginning of fall was all about updating those smiles and connections .... as a new concept begins this weekend ... here's a peek at my last VMM Session with this amazing white sofa from pier one. 

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